Samsung Galaxy A51 Teléfono celular desbloqueado de fábrica | 128 GB de almacenamiento: Electronica

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  • Presentamos la nueva serie A: las funciones que estabas esperando en tu teléfono celular desbloqueado. Tome fotos nítidas con la cámara cuádruple de 48MP. Sumérgete en una espaciosa pantalla de alta definición, alimentada por una batería de larga duración y carga rápida.

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  • Desbloqueado por Samsung: elija más que solo su nuevo teléfono celular. Con su dispositivo desbloqueado, elija su proveedor preferido, plan de datos, servicios, características y aplicaciones, y obtenga su teléfono exactamente como lo desea.
  • Crujiente. Vistoso. Cautivador. Sumérjase en el color de borde a borde con una pantalla expansiva Infinity-O de 6. 5 ”con una pantalla Super AMOLED que brinda claridad cinematográfica al alcance de su mano.
  • Fotos de calidad profesional en un instante: desde tomas épicas de paisajes y retratos dramáticos hasta ángulos macro que revelan texturas y detalles complejos, esta impresionante cámara cuádruple tiene una lente para lo que sea que te inspire.
  • Disparos suaves y estables: tome videos notablemente suaves de acción rápida en calidad UHD nítida. Su estabilidad de primer nivel hace que las fotos y videos se vean súper suaves con un mínimo desenfoque.
  • Asegure con un solo toque: bloquee y desbloquee su teléfono con solo un toque, gracias al sensor de huellas digitales en la pantalla. No se requieren concursos de miradas con su pantalla ni códigos de acceso complicados.
  • Almacene más, haga más: guarde todas las cosas importantes con 16 GB de memoria incorporada. Si necesita más, puede ampliar el almacenamiento hasta 512 GB de almacenamiento con una tarjeta microSD Samsung (se vende por separado).

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Nombre del patrón

Phone, Phone + Earbuds




A10e, A11, Versión de EE. UU., A50, A51, A71 5G, A71 5G w/ Free Buds

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11.2 onzas



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1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)

Operating System


Computer Memory Size

128 GB

Wireless Communication Technology


Connectivity Technology

Wireless, Bluetooth

Display Technology


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Rear, Front

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Included Components

Travel Adapter, Data Cable, STD Battery, Handset + Cling



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  1. 10

    por Laura

    I love this phone! What a buy! I’ve suggested that my husband consider it, and will replace my son’s phone with this one when his breaks or his battery wears out. He has used my phone at times, likes it, and is excited that he will get one too (he’s using an iPhone 6 now). I had an iPhone for a few years after always having an android phone the years before. There were a few differences, but not much and this phone costs about the same as what I paid to fix the screen when I dropped it. I had the insurance plan with my old phone but found that I would have to send it away for a few days in order to be able to pay only the deductible, so I paid to fix the screen locally instead. Now, if my phone breaks, I’ll buy a new one just like it; and I don’t need to pay the insurance coverage fee.I love how this phone allows me to watch YouTube videos while doing other things. I can check the email, text, use the calculator or Ring system, etc. and still not get kicked off my video or podcast. It has a floating screen so I can move it out of the way depending on the where I need it on the screen. I didn’t rate the fingerprint reader or face recognition because I don’t use those. I don’t believe this phone has a finger print reader and I choose not to use the face recognition option. I do miss the finger print reader, but this phone has a setting that can keep it from locking if you are in a certain location (such as at your home or work) or if you are carrying it, so that limits the need to put in an access code. That works well for me. I thought that for this cost, I might have to be careful about how many programs that I download, but I have many and have had no issues with running out of space. If battery life is important and you play games or watch videos a lot this may not be the phone for you. I don’t think the battery life is great, but I charge it each night and have a plug in my vehicle too; so for me, I don’t have any issues there either. I highly recommend.

  2. 10

    por Tiffany Hall

    My husband only likes certain brands of phones, and Samsung happens to be one of them. He recently had a Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown – Crappiest phone ever, btw – and we decided to buy new phones. He has large hands, so with that being said, he needs a large phone. Well, the A51 meets everything we need. Great cameras, great storage space, and the battery life is spectacular! We were worried at first because we were having a hard time finding a US version of this phone, as most of them were international models…We have Straight Talk and it works fine. Also, this phone is able to take either a Verizon sim card OR an AT&T sim card. The AT&T sim card does not work well where we live, so I am upgrading him to the Verizon sim card. This phone is expensive, but it works and you won’t be disappointed (unless you are just a nitpicking twat). the bonus: We got the phone and wireless galaxy earbuds for $400 so you can’t beat it!

  3. 10

    por Laurence_Memer

    It’s a great phone. I dont regret buying.

  4. 10

    por S. corrick

    Works as expected plugged Tracfone SIM in CELL service works immediately ( over verizon CDMA ) – ran through settings, configured Samsung pay also added Google pay – Samsung transfer app moved most apps and files settings – ready to roll still had to reinstall and configure a few apps. Found a good video on UTube that shows some tweaks to improve performance some – overall general phone responsiveness is improved – seems to help and a good tip on FP reader – register same finger three times ! Spent all day redownloading offline music for Amazon tunes 6000 + songs – i had a 200 Gb SD card to use for this, the battery only ran down to 30 % Nice screen, newer version of android over my old phone only took a few min to figure out general operation- closing apps, etc. how to kill Samsung Bixby. I do not need a $1000 flagship cell phone this one fits my needs.

  5. 10

    por Garrett Ingram

    This phone works great on Verizon. To those having problems getting it added to Verizon, your mistake is telling Verizon what you’re doing. They won’t have the serial numbers for these phones in their system. Just swap your SIM card over to this phone and it’ll work like a charm.This phone is good value for money. Screen is fantastic. Has several of the most common features for flagship phones at a fraction of the price. It won’t be the fastest or have the most RAM but it does the job for most basic phone tasks.

  6. 10

    por Mekonnen Akellom

    I had receieved my A50 Samsung Galaxy three days ago & everything just working fine. I have LTE connectivity with AT&T and running super fast. For US resident buyers, i do recommend this is the perfect model to buy. A50 is pretty much comparable to a flagship at the lowest price. The pictures are top notch. Buy the right model, i bet you will not regret.

  7. 10

    por M. Anderson

    I bought this to use on Verizon. I read some of the other reviews stating that it does not work, and was concerned. I tried it, and it works fine.Be aware that there are multiple versions of this phone and that Amazon may be combining the reviews from all versions. The version that I purchased is the U.S. Version.

  8. 10

    por Bill Burnam

    Up grade from a Huawei Honor 5 went back to Samsung this time and I am glad I did. Set up was easy enough sept for the sim chip from my old phone was to big so I had to make a short trip to the local ATT store for assistance. All the rest of the set up was basically handle by Google. Still learning the differences, but am really place with this purchase. Only downer was that Amazon offered the same phone wit a free Sam sung fit watch. Bad timing I guess.

  9. 10

    por David Abel

    (Straight Talk) I just bought me and my wife one of these phones each and we are very happy with them Upgraded from an S7 and an iPhone 6s through Straight Talk. Copied all info over, with smart switch (app) and swapped the active Straight Talk sim cards from our current phones to the new phones (No sim card included in this phone) and they work perfectly. Phones also arrived a week before they were due, which was great. The ear buds are very nice also. However I must note that there were separate charges for the phone and ear buds, it was equal to the total listed price tho.

  10. 10

    por fototaker Tony

    I’ve had this for a few weeks but am still getting used to this. Of course, being a photographer, I purchased this for its low price but promises of great hiRes imagery with its three rear cameras. I have snapped over 542 images so far with the A50, and to be honest, am very excited and happy with the results. I have a spanish friend – also a fotografo – and unknown to me, had also recently purchased an A70 when his SSG Note died from samsung pre-planned demise. Unlike me, he is NOT happy with his higher resolution or quality of his A70 and we have been sharing pictures taken by our new A-series fotos for weeks. I have a lot of pixs thus far, and while I’m not posting all, I did want to show this one recent test in hiRes (solitary tree pix). Too bad you cannot download a pix here to check details in a higher size, because this image is SHARP!!! OTG: YES the A50 is capable of OTG but unlike my previous SSG S4/S5, the OTG with those was so easy with its one-step process, fast, and painless. It took me forever to get OTG even to be recognized on the A50! After that, it wouldn’t transfer files! On the second attempt, am guessing now that OTG was set previously on the A50, it finally did recognize a pendrive, usb devices, etc. I also discovered that the OTG cable must have the device connected already to the cable prior to plugging it into the A50 type-C slot, unlike the S4/S5 where it doesn’t matter at all. I am finding my A50 battery lasts about a day and a half, but I don’t use it often except for the camera, which I use a LOT!! I have purchased micro USB to type-C adapters that fit over the micro usb male end, but it ONLY allows use of the cable in type-C slots; there is NO speedy charging, faster transfer, etc. I DLed and used the samsung prg SMART SWITCH and app to basically copy everything from my old S5 to the new A50 and is so simple, fast, WIRELESS and brainless to do! NOTE: Smart Switch must be installed on both phones to work. The picture with the snowflakes falling is a night time test in freezing temps/wind, handheld and no tricks or editing at all! Did you know the A50 has AF/AE and under/overexposure just like in DSLRs tho not in all pictures modes. WoW!!! The tree pix I wish you could see enlarged because it is a 3:4H hires mode image, and at fullsize, it is SHARP! I never read books or user manuals; I just explore and discover – I remember better and easier that way. Did you know the A50 can even boot in SAFE MODE? WoW!!!

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