IDEGG – Calcetines deportivos de algodón antideslizantes para mujer y hombre, corte bajo, informales: Gateway

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*No te resbales.

* Adecuado para actividades en interiores y exteriores para deportes/negocios/caminar/conducir/atlético.

*Calcetines sin presentación.


* Estos calcetines no son calcetines de muestra, significa «no show» para zapatos deportivos y la mayoría de zapatos casuales, no para zapatos de barco y zapatos de corte muy bajo.


Hecho de material de mezcla de algodón de alta calidad, suave, transpirable, elástico para llevar. También es una buena opción para regalos.

Información adicional

Peso 2 kg

talla única, US Women Size 11-15, Men Size:8-11, US Women Size 14-15.5, Men Size:11-13


A_6 Pairs(2 Black+2 Gray+2 White), C_6 Pairs(6 White), D_6 Pairs(6 Black), E_6 Pairs(6 Colors)

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  1. 10

    por Carolina M

    Omg. The best damn socks ever!!! These are OBVIOUSLY only no show sock for sneakers. They will obviously show with flats on so don’t buy them with that purpose. I can see how they may be a little tight for women with bigger feet. I’m a size 6.5/7 and they are absolutely perfect!! Now I want 100 pair more.

  2. 10

    por Layla

    YES YES YES!I have wide size 11 feet and these little socks fit great! PERFECT!I am going to be buying more cause they worked out great. Colors & socks are exactly as pictured!Perfect thin material – they bunch a little on my heel when I put my vans on but they STAY ON! No more stressing on the inside cause your socks are sliding off your feet inside your shoe lol

  3. 10

    por jess

    these socks are a heavier weight than my other no show work shoe socks. i have small feet so the heal goes up higher than the other socks, but will stay put if i push it down a little bit. i like that they cover almost all of the top of my foot so that i don’t have the discomfort of the top of my shoe digging the sock into my foot. i will be buying these socks again to replace the other ones i have.

  4. 10

    por megan gunther

    So, I opened this and was really sad because I swore I had ordered the adult size, but this little palm-sized baby sock while cute was not what I had ordered. I dont know what possed me to try on the baby socks. But I was impressed. they are not baby socks they are just compact and ready to stretch and be the MOST comfortable no-shows you have never seen! Get them. I have a major issue with most socks sliding into my shoes. it doesn’t usally matter what brand but most just won’t stay. These dont move at all.

  5. 10

    por Madi27

    They appear smaller than the actually are. They fit very well and have a grip thingie on the side heal part of the sock. Very soft and are thin which i like cause they won’t be bulky in my sneakers. Would recommend.

  6. 10

    por Mallory Gorder

    I read so many Amazon reviews when buying new no-show socks, which sounds silly. But I get SO annoyed when they slip off inside my shoes. These ones had a lot of great reviews, and were super affordable (I’ve looked at other name-brands that are $10+ per pair, and this was about $11 for 6 pairs.) This seemed too good to be true! However, I figured I’d give it a shot.I received my socks quickly, and I’ve worn them all. They are amazing. They work with boat shoes, tennis shoes, booties, loafers. They are super comfortable, my feet don’t sweat in them, they don’t slide off inside my shoe. They are AWESOME!Great value, and once I clean out my sock drawer I will be buying more!!!10/10, 5 stars, 100% recommended by me! 🙂

  7. 10

    por Modern Family

    I bought a pair of popular slide on sneakers and tried to wear them w/o socks but the inside was too irritating. I tried to wear them with no show socks I already had. Oh my gosh. Mistake. I was pulling them up aaaaall day. I watched a YouTube video about awesome amazon products and these socks came up.I bought them, a day later they were at my door.The next day, I wore them with my sneakers. I didn’t think about them until lunch only because I hadn’t thought of them! Lol…Solid two thumbs up!!

  8. 10

    por Mike

    I am thrilled that these socks are actually no show. I purchased the bright colors that have a heathered look. They have rubber strips on the inside of the heel to hold on and fit perfectly snug on my size 10 feet. I hope these are long lasting because I love them. I really enjoy that I can have bright socks that are hidden inside my shoes and are super comfortable. The slight overhang seen in my picture can be tucked in neatly for complete no show.

  9. 10

    por Joshean Hoffmann

    These socks are very soft and comfortable. I love how low cut they are around the top, side, and back of the foot. They really don’t show with any of the shoes I’ve tried wearing them with. Any other no show socks I’ve tried have always slipped off my heel and become bunched up and uncomfortable. These stay put and I’m not constantly tugging on them throughout the day. So far, I love them and I’m planning to order more. For reference, I ordered the gray, black, and white 6-pair pack in size 6-12 and I wear a size 9-10 shoe. They fit great!

  10. 10

    por Shae M

    These socks are perfect for someone who wears athletic shoes often. I work in a gym, and I wear athletic shoes every day. I’ve been searching for «no show» socks that fit my larger women’s foot (size 10.5), that don’t slip off of the heal or rub, and that are actually «no show.» These socks are the best I’ve ever worn, and I will be purchasing these again, this time in the larger quantity. I purchased the 6 count neutral colors, and they far exceeded my expectations.In addition, their customer service team reached out to me to follow up with my purchase, just to make sure I received everything correctly. I responded and told them that, yes, I had gotten my order and was very satisfied. They responded again, which very rarely happens! They responded to tell me they appreciated the feedback, and if I should have any questions or concerns that arise I should feel free to contact them.Five stars all the way.

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